Bringing Nature Home..

In 2011, Jay and Madeleine Crowdus had a vision to turn their love of birds and woodland inhabitants into delightfully engaging, rustic metal silhouettes to adorn the home and garden. Expanding from their roots and experiences as masters of fine arts and graphic design, the husband and wife team grew their vision to what RustyBirds is today.

With a belief that good design is simple yet elegant, the Crowdus’ strive to create products that capture the imagination. Each design is hand-crafted with personality and species-specific traits from steel, rusted with care, and shipped out with love.

The Team here at RustyBirds is passionate about protecting the wildlife around us. We all enjoy soaking in the healing rays of the sun, breathing in the crisp air on a frosty morning, or having an adventure on the trails at a local state park. As our company grows, our priority remains to find the most Eco-friendly processes possible. We are continually evolving our practices to help reduce waste and environmental impact in all areas of our business.

“Bringing Nature Home” is part of our mission statement and speaks to the core of the vision of our company. We strive to bring a touch of whimsy and inspiration to your home through the natural and effortless beauty of Mother Nature herself.

                " In Rust We Trust "
                                - The RustyBirds Team

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